The Special Education Program at Kennett is designed to provide individualized educational placements for students who are educationally challenged. A range of educational programming is available, from full-time special education placement to supportive assistance for regular classes.
Your eligibility for thsped iconis program is determined by the Pupil Evaluation and Placement Team, consisting of you, your parent or guardian, regular and special education teachers, guidance counselor, and school administrator. Each student involved in the Special Education Program will have an Individual Education Plan detailing his/her educational needs and specifics of the program in which he/she is involved.
If you are experiencing difficulties learning in school, you should discuss your concerns with your parent/guardian, your team of teachers, and/or guidance counselor. They will be able to assist you in determining whether you should be referred for individual evaluation and possible special education placement. Your parent/guardian may also make a referral directly by contacting the Special Education Department. Further information is available from the Special Education Department.