Celebrating Science & Discovery!

Celebrating Science & Discovery!
Posted on 04/15/2018
Discovery Matchboxes

Discovery Projects - A Learning Experience for Each and Every Student

It has been proven time and again that when given choice and voice in their learning, students find more value and enjoyment in their schooling. This year, students’ voices are ringing out loud and clear through the classrooms of Kennett Middle School (KMS) as they work diligently on their Discovery Projects.  With education moving toward competency-based learning, the parameters of Science Fair projects from previous years were opened up allowing students to work on a Discovery Project driven by students’ passions. For many students, science investigations and engineering projects are still what most holds their interest. For others, writing, art, athletics, history and other subjects hold more significance.

Whether students chose the traditional science fair process, or switched routes to explore a topic of their own choosing, students of KMS have been hard at work crafting essential questions, delving into background research, writing research papers, and creating interactive products and presentations.

Over the past two months, students have been immersed in their projects which include seeking ways to decrease packaging waste at grocery stores, identifying the gluten-free flour that produces the most fluffy cupcakes, examining the history and importance behind fossil excavations and exploring a plethora of other unique topics.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 19th when these hard working scientists, mathematicians, historians, writers, and artists will present their final products at the Discovery Project Expo.  The Expo will take place from 12:00 - 2:20 at Kennett Middle School. All students are given the opportunity to present their products during one of the given times below.

Group 1     Present 12:00-12:45               

Group 2    Present 12:47-1:32           

Group 3     Present 1:34-2:17

Please ask your child which time slot they will be presenting at so you will be able to see him/her in action! With display boards decorated, slideshows completed, and models labeled and ready, you don’t want to miss this event.

The students who have completed science fair topics will be presenting at the Mount Washington Valley Regional Science and Technology Fair, all day on Thursday, May 10 at the Tech Village/Granite State College. This year Kennett Middle School will be sending all interested seventh and eighth grade students to the fair. This exciting event is a judged fair with prizes in a variety of categories. Come see these children shine! You can learn more about the KMS fair by contacting s_frankel@sau9.org, or the MWV Regional Fair at mwvscifair.org. See you there!

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