Food Service - Milk

2% Reduced Fat Milk

Kennett Middle School students currently use the district swipe card system for meal payment. Cash is also accepted but not preferred. Parents can send in money to be placed on their child’s account. Checks are preferred.

  • Make checks out to the Conway School Lunch Program.
  • If you send in money, please clearly identify the students name so it can be added to the correct account.
  • All checks and money can be dropped off at the reception office before the start of school each day.

Lost Cards:

If a student loses their ID card, they should come to the reception office to report the loss. There may be a charge for a replacement card.

Free and Reduced Lunch:

Those who have been approved for reduced lunch will need to place money on their child’s account. When a lunch is purchased, the student will swipe their ID and the system should already have the account formed in the appropriate manner. All accounts are confidential. We encourage everyone who feels they might qualify for free and reduced lunch, to fill out and return the application if you have not already done so this school year. If your family circumstances change, please be aware that you can apply at any time during the school year for free or reduced lunch.

 Director of Food Services

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